The Latest Website Design

Tara, over at the The Blissful Elefante contacted me a few months ago because although she worked with someone that designed her brand and her website they did not inform her that she would then need to hire another person to make her website a reality.  They just supplied her with the design to hand off to a developer.  Feeling lost and not sure how to proceed, I saw something within her and her vision for her business and wanted to help her out.  

Over the few weeks we worked together to make her website a reality.  This project was a little different than those that I have done in the past, as the design was already created - I just needed to bring it life with a few minor adjustments along the way. 

The Blissful Elefante is an intentional living blog dedicated to helping the modern day woman simplify her life to free up time for things that matter to her most.  Tara has created a community of women who love all things health, wellness, minimalism, and travel.  Go check her site out - trust me, you will not be disappointed!