Social Media Image Size Guide

Social media is ever changing.  And it can be incredibly frustrating and overwhelming when you are first starting out. From know what to post, when is the right time to post on different platforms, to what size of images you should be using. People are drawn to images, and obviously good images.  If your social media include pixelated or skewed photos, it reflects poorly on you and your business.

I have to be honest, when I first started out I was so incredibly lost and had no idea where to start.  Google and Pinterest were my best friend.  But I found it extremely difficult to find some of the most basic things, or at least some of the most basic things in my opinion.  Things like social media image sizes.  Which is precisely why I created this infographic, in order to help others optimize their social media platforms.  It includes seven different social media platforms and the image requirements for each of them so that your images can look their best.


Lindsay McNierney

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