How to Launch a Blog in 6 Steps

Launching a blog or business is not an easy task. In fact, it can become very time consuming and overwhelming that many people quit before even starting. The amount of information that is widely available through Google search engine is overwhelming to say the least. There are many different websites to choose from, some with conflicting information, and others with outdated information. But launching your blog and business should be one of the most exciting times in your life! This is why I’ve narrowed down this process to six simple steps that will take you from idea to business in no time. Keep reading to get started now.

How to Launch a Blog in 6 Steps

  1. Define your niche.  In order to get started with your blog or business you MUST know your niche. This is a crucial first step because your niche will determine your audience and the kind of product or service you provide. It also determines what content you will produce and in what ways you fit into the market. Determining your niche should be simple but if you need some help, here are some tips.When defining your niche, think about who you’re serving. Who does your product/service benefit the most? If your service is data entry and social media management, as a virtual assistant (VA) you could have a broad or narrowed niche. The choice is yours. For example, you could be a VA who only works with other VA’s as a coach/mentor. Or you can be a VA who solely works with fashion designers or trainers. The more defined your niche is, the easier it can be when you are creating your content, products and services.
  1. Create your audience avatar.  Once you define your niche you can create your audience avatar. This avatar is indicative of your ideal customer and it helps you to learn and understand more about your customer. Developing an avatar allows you to know your audience and think outside of the box when serving them. To launch your blog + biz you have got to know who will read your content and purchase your services/products. You have to do research on their habits, where they are likely to shop and how to gain their loyalty and trust. Your audience wants to learn from you and utilize what you have to offer. But you have to know how to connect with them and how to get in front of them.
  1. Create a blog/biz name & Buy your domain/hosting.  Next up is the fun part! Create your blog/ business name. For me it was easy, it’s my name! is a place that brands me as an expert and the products and services I offer to my clients and customers. Is your business a service or product that has nothing to do with you personally? Maybe you run a law firm or you are a life coach. Brainstorm ideas that represent your business and industry. Select a few contenders, use meaningful words as well as relative words if you need help brainstorming. After you’ve selected your business name, head over to a domain provider, I use, and see if your domain name is available for purchase. Be aware that domains that include general words such as work, car, home, etc, are either taken or cost a fortune. The more unique the domain name, the higher chance of it being affordable and available. Once you’ve chosen your domain name, buy a hosting package suitable for your business.
  1. Brand your online real estate. So you’ve got your business name, domain name and hosting sorted out. Now it’s time for some branding to occur. Find a designer to create and develop a consistent theme/brand for your business. It’s important that your brand and business are cohesive because your brand reflects your business. If these both do not align, you risk losing sales and customers. It may be difficult finding a designer but ask around. As a web designer/developer, I was able to manage this on my own, but if you’re not savvy in this area, consider hiring a professional. Need a WordPress website designed and developed? Project 1000 has awesome work and has built over 300 brands in the last 4 years. And I’m not just saying that because I’m part owner.
  1. Create content.  Every awesome website has content for visitors to read and learn more about what they have to offer. There is nothing more frustrating than landing on a website only to see a blank page that says ‘call us for more information’. Your website is prime real estate online, so don’t waste your property telling visitors to call you when you can answer their questions and curiosities right from the web. When you create content, you create a reason for visitors to stay longer on your site and form a connection with you and your blog/business. When people feel connected, trust can be built and as a result your visitors will become subscribers and customers.
  1. Create lead magnets & an email list.  Lead magnets are offers that drive users to your website. In exchange for your offer, customers will provide a piece of identifying information such as a name, email, and/or phone number. This is a vital step in your launch process because you are able to obtain insight on your website visitors and who is interested in certain subjects. When people visit your site, having a lead magnet can attract them to make a connection with you in order to gain your valuable information. Be sure to create lead magnets that benefit your audience and that the information that you are providing is useful to them. The most important aspects of your lead magnet is making sure that it is: 1) valuable and, 2) in demand. You want to create lead magnets with these two aspects in mind because where value meets a need, you are bound to have yourself a gold mine.

So there you have it! I promised you it would only take six simple steps for you to launch your blog or business-so hop to it. While you’re at it, click here to grab this cheat sheet so you can get started as soon as you’re done reading this sentence.


Alicia Bright | How to Launch a Blog in 6 Steps | www.writefullysimple.comAbout Alicia:

Alicia Bright is an entrepreneur and blogger with eight years in growing and building brands. Building her web design/marketing firm, Project 1000 LLC, has afforded her the opportunity of helping entrepreneurs build their brands/businesses and turn their passion into income. While she’s not building brands, she is coaching entrepreneurs who seek assistance in building and marketing their blog/biz online. Her blog provides valuable and actionable tips, tutorials, and advice on blogging, business, and social media. You can find Alicia on Instagram, Facebook, and her website.


  1. Steph on December 21, 2016 at 3:02 pm

    This is such helpful information for those new to blogging! I am currently working on a “finding your niche” post at the moment and explaining why it’s so important. It’s definitely something I still struggle with because I want to do #allthethings. Keep up the good work : )

    • WFSAdmin on December 21, 2016 at 10:33 pm

      Oh I totally can relate Steph! I continually find myself wanting to do #allthethings, ha! But as you know, finding your niche and staying in there is so incredibly important to your business and your ideal client! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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